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Semiconductors are referred to as the source for disseminating information tools. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment – a key technology supporting semiconductor technology, and the operations of semiconductor manufacturing equipment which create semiconductors all require various elements.

Multiple elements are required, such as chemical reactions, physical reactions, the process controller and measuring instruments which manage the reactionary phenomena, the computer systems that primarily perform recipe management required for device manufacturing, the wafer conveyance system (mechatronics / robot), the facility (reactive gas / liquid chemical / nitrogen / high pressure air), electricity (strong and weak power supply), high-frequency plasma, water (cooling water / pure water), and high vacuum required for the reaction process, and software for operations, etc. The semiconductor (integrated circuit) created through hundreds of complex processes is produced by semiconductor manufacturing equipment which incorporates these elements.

We are a comprehensive engineering and field support company with the aim of providing total semiconductor manufacturing equipment support.

1.Field service

We provide troubleshooting, maintenance, and modifications as well as relocation work for various manufacturing equipment.

We have experienced technicians on call to respond quickly in the event of trouble.

We also provide an integrated equipment relocation service encompassing dismantling, transportation, installation, ancillary construction and startup.

We can also assist with modification along with equipment process changes, etc.

2.Parts sale and repair

Equipment is composed of various parts and units such as vacuum parts, process parts, a power supply, gas-related parts, and conveyance robots, etc. We can supply, repair, and recycle these parts.

3.PIK (Product Improvement Kit) sale

We sell modification kits to improve equipment performance as well as kits to improve operability.

We also sell conveyance system adjustment jigs as well as units to improve standards and enhance performance and durability.

4.Recycling and modification of used equipment

We recycle a variety of used equipment. We recycle equipment to match the customer's specifications by changing configurations, recycling or changing the chamber process kit, and modifying the gas panel, etc.

5.Sale of used equipment

We also sell various used equipment. Ask us for a quotation on your desired equipment.

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