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Engineering Thermal processing equipment and system design

1)Thermal processing equipment design and manufacture

Rich experience and advanced thermal processing equipment technology

Thermal processing refers to altering the hardness and nature of a material through heating and cooling. However, there are various types and purposes of thermal processing.

Thermal processing equipment must also be able to achieve conditions in accordance with the material being processed and the type of thermal processing.

High temperature and high vacuum processing conditions have also been required in recent years for the development of high functional materials.

We have the experience and technology to achieve various thermal processing conditions, and boast a proven record of designing and manufacturing thermal processing equipment for a variety of applications.

We supply various thermal processing equipment from high vacuum to gas atmosphere, low to high temperature, and small to large.

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2)System design and manufacture

We design and manufacture industrial labor-saving devices, work conveyance equipment, and positioning machines using various types of motors and air pressure.

・Mechanical design: Mechanical structure design, mechanical design, part design (used CAD = AutoCAD LT)

・Control design: Sequencer program design (used sequencers: Mitsubishi, Omron, Keyence)

3)Technical consulting

We provide technical consulting for equipment development

We provide consulting for system design and development from the perspective of improving reliability, safety, and operability from system configuration through electrical, mechanical, and control functions.

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