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We sell the following parts, equipment, and components as an agent of the manufacturer.

1.Semiconductor manufacturing equipment-related devices

State-of-the-art, high-performance devices are used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment; we sell vacuum valves, various measuring instruments, and special heaters as an agent of the following manufacturers of such devices:

1)Vacuum valves:VAT

We sell vacuum valves manufactured by VAT.

VAT is a leader in vacuum valves and their valves are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

2)Measuring instruments:INFICON

We sell leak detectors and mass gas analyzers manufactured by INFICON.

INFICON is a pioneer that developed a method of leak detection using hydrogen. They provide products to major industries such as the semiconductor, automotive, medical, and aerospace industries.

3)Heaters:Watlow Japan

We sell various heaters of Watlow Japan.

Watlow Japan is a manufacturer of all thermal system components such as industrial heaters, sensors, and controllers, etc., and is engaged in the planning and manufacture of complete temperature management systems.

4)Special surface treatment:Espec Kyushu

We sell Espec Kyushu surface treatment.

The special electroless plating dramatically improves the smoothness of metal surfaces and prevents the adhesion of dirt.

It is effective in preventing exhaust pipe by-products.

2.Radioactive waste-related devices

Radioactive contamination has been an issue since the Fukushima nuclear accident, but the situation seems to be improving.

We sell radiation detection equipment for use with iron scraps and other waste.

1)Radiation detectors:Mizuki Electric

These radiation detectors can determine whether steel scraps loaded on a truck contain radioactive materials.

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